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Online Store Setup and Operation

LECS Front

E-Commerce Platforms built upon 20 years of operation expertise

E-Commerce Platforms built upon 20 years of online shopping mall operation are presented.

Order/payment system that has proved its convenience through the LOTTE ON customers has been applied. Various promotional functions can additionally be applied such as special sales, coupon usage and set discounts.

An independent online store takes at least one year to set up. However, with LECS and its EC platforms, it just takes 4 months on average to develop following the brand’s demands and conditions.

Standardized and convenient selling and purchasing functions

Simple and easy price management and order/payment methods are the strengths of LECS EC platforms.

Various pricing functions such as LECS coupon, mileage award/usage, discounts, and special sales facilitate the brand’s anticipated promotional strategies. Additionally, LECS offers promotional functions that are actively utilized abroad such as set product sale and discount by color. By adding a product/s into to the cart and keying in brief payment details, purchase is completed. Other payment methods such as, credit card, real-time money transfer and mobile payment are also available.

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  • Purchasing order/ approved home page image
Smartpick after work!
Buy online and pick the item at a nearby store

Omni Service is to buy online and pick the item without having to wait.
You do not have to get your ordered item by delivery. Rather, get your item at a nearby Seven Eleven store whenever you want.

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LECS Admin

Store operation and management by E-Commerce specialists

Online store! Leave the operations to the LECS specialists and focus on product and marketing.

LECS’s EC specialized operational experts promptly process overall operational duties from product information registration, product reviews and order/payment to logistics/delivery and customer services. A fully operating online store requires at least one EC specialist per department (store operation, marketing, web designing, web planning, customer logistics, and customer services).
LECS offers operational services to reduce the brand’s burdens of EC specialist recruitment and management.

Simple store management tool for any user

A potential complex online store management can be operated by the brand with ease.

When a brand wishes to manage its online store directly, a user-friendly operation tool (EC admin) is offered. This tool provides functions that simplify store operation duties like One-time mass product registration and reserved delivery. Any information needed for performance tracking such as sales, purchase and visitors status can also be searched.

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LECS Mobile

PC, Tablet, and Smart phone customized store

Online store shadows customers whenever wherever, 24 hours a day
PC in the office, smart phone to and from work and tablet at home or outdoors

Online store can be launched on various mobile devices as well as PCs. Online store appropriate to the features and exhibition display space of each device are created. Meet customers through new and diverse networks.
Voted by the experts and consumers, mobile shopping application developed by LOTTE e-commerce was awarded “App of 2011” in the field of distribution and shopping mall commerce. Consult with LECS on mobile shopping channel setup and operations.

  • Mobile main pageMobile main page
  • Convenient mobile navigation imageConvenient mobile navigation
  • Mobile suited product display imageMobile suited product display

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LECS Hosting

Safe hosting services

Korea’s top quality hosting service

No need to purchase expensive servers and operate computer management resources yourself. Premium EC Hosting provides trustworthy service for the brand.
It’s a stable, high quality hosting service that can handle even the busiest and unexpected moments with flexibility.

24/7 monitoring service, Green Light

Non-stop LECS monitoring center, all day long and all year round!

Through monitoring the valued brand online store 24 hours a day, any system issues are spotted instantly and resolved. System failure prevention management is the top priority and any failure information is delivered to the brand promptly. The objective of Green Light is to minimize customer inconvenience by resolving any system failure immediately.

  • System and error status of online stores at a glance on electronic display imageSystem and error status of online stores at a
    glance on electronic display
  • Green Light control room is awake all day and all y ear round for continuous operation imageGreen Light control room is awake all day and
    all y ear round for continuous operation

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LECS Interface

Interfacing the brand’s management system such as ERP

Key management and online store information at a glance on your ERP.

Business convenience and efficiency are enhanced by Interfacing important online store information with the brand’s ERP system. Online store order and inventory details can be provided without any additional system development or adjustment to the existing ERP system. Essential online store performance information required by management and people in charge are provided in a timely manner.

Interfacing customer DB, store POS, mileage and point system

Interfacing the brand’s existing sales system with key online store data with ease.

Brand’s customer DB, offline store POS, mileage and points can also be linked to the LECS EC platform.
Combining online and offline management is made possible through Interfacing with the brand’s existing system

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