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Logistics and Customer Services

LECS Stock-Logis

Exclusive logistics center and customer delivery service

LECS deals packaging and delivering hundreds and thousands of products a day with care.

Online store logistics management differs from the standard B2B logistics which involve bulk delivery to stores.
Not only should the products being sold online reach the customers safely but refund & exchange and returned goods should also be taken care of without error.

LECS operates an exclusive online logistics center to provide B2C services for individual customers. The logistics center located in Yangji, Gyeonggi-do stores products in single units, packs for each customer and delivers to the destination safely. LECS logistics service records show that 99.6% of products are distributed within 24 hours of receiving the order and 0.03% of products are out-of-stock after receiving the order. No need to worry about flooded orders during seasonal sales and events. The level of logistics service remains consistently high regardless of sudden sales fluctuation.

LECS exclusive logistics center information
LECS exclusive logistics center information
Storage area (Pveong/m2) Manpower input (people) Storage capacity Delivery (month)
43,633 82 1,600,000 pcs MAX 1,200,000 pcs

※ Number of staffs at the LECS logistics centers are adjusted to cope with seasonal needs and the brands’ sales fluctuation.

  • View of LECS logistics center imageView of LECS logistics center
  • View of LECS logistics center imageView of LECS logistics center
  • Packaging zone imagePackaging zone
  • Consolidated packaging zone imageConsolidated packaging zone
  • Brands’ own delivery boxes can be used imageBrands’ own delivery boxes can be used
Value-added logistics services

Consult with LECS for your desired exceptional logistics service.

LECS provides additional services like packaging multiple items into a single product and free gift and sample packaging services. Packaging, using brands’ own boxes printed with the brand logo is also available. Full care is given to managing not only the product inventory but also additional inventory like free gifts. LECS provides specialized B2C logistics, experience their various optional logistics services.

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LECS Store-Logis

Department store online mall packaging,
customer service, parcel service

Stores need to focus on the visiting customers. Leave the online mall packaging and delivery to LECS.

Having a hard time serving store customers whilst packing and responding to online sold products? Do you have more assistants picking and packing products rather than serving store customers? Don’t delay further, consult with LECS. Store assistants’ burdens of packing, checking returned goods and customer service will be carried out by LECS.

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Customer service dedicated for each brand

"Brand dedicated consultants" for brand customized professional customer service

"Brand dedicated consultants" with full knowledge of the brand and the ability to swiftly serve customers accurately, are allocated and operated. To maintain high customer service, customer Q&A response manuals are provided to all consultants and regular training is conducted on new product details. By constant monitoring of customer order and delivery status, quick responding CS system is equipped. No need to worry about unhappy resilient customers. LECS’s skilled consultants are continually trying to convert customer dissatisfaction to satisfaction.

Brand online store designated customer center number

Communicate with customers through the brand’s own customer service channel.

We provide ARS system reflecting brand characteristics.
Communicate with customers through the brand designated customer center number and recorded announcement holding brand’s value. Customers’ dissatisfaction of conventional malls’ monotonous customer service can be relieved by our system.

15 LECS dedicated CS employees on average,
customer service suited to the brand’s characteristics

Location: Sinpung-ro, Yeongdeunpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

  • LECS dedicated customer service group imageLECS dedicated customer service group
  • LECS consultants dealing with customers imageLECS consultants dealing with customers
  • Regular brand trainings for consultants imageRegular brand trainings for consultants

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