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LECS Consultation Please enter your personal information according to the form below, and click the requesting for consulting button.

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  • For a quick consulting, please put in your available e-mail address/phone number.

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Please check the consent form about personal information collecting.
  1. 1. The purpose of the collection and use of personal information

    - Responding inquiries regarding LECS service use and launching

  2. 2. Entry of personal information that we’ve collected

    - E-Mail, Phone number, Name

  3. 3. Period of possession and use of personal information

    - LECS uses your information just for ensuring the contest of consultation and has held it for a month from the date when you request a consultation. It would be instantly deleted after that period. However, if there is a legitimate situation where it needs to be held, we would keep it according to the law. In this case, LECS uses it just for keeping not for the other purposes.

LECS specialist will contact you directly if you check for any questions you may have below.
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