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Brand Marketing

LECS Promotion

Targeting 20 million LOTTE.COM members

Worried of having no customers once the online store opens?
LECS provides various marketing activities to gain members and customers for your brand online store once it opens.

You can find your potential customers suited to your brand characteristics among our 20 million members. Information on your selected products and special events are sent to specially selected customers by email.

Attract customers through advertising on

Visited by 1 million users a daily, the country’s largest online shopping mall promotes your brand online store.

By promoting the brand online store to the visitors intending to shop, purchasing customers can be enticed. Promotion through will not only provide a demonstration effect but also a gathering effect to the online store.

  • LECS brand advertisement on the main page of imageLECS brand advertisement on the main page
  • LECS brand advertisement on the main page of special categoryimageLECS brand advertisement on the main page
    of special category
  • LECS brand item search and display by using search function of imageLECS brand item search and display by using search function
  • LECS brand advertisment by displaying mobile banner on imageLECS brand advertisment by displaying mobile
    banner on
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Online advertising agency

Keyword search, banner ads on portal sites, online affiliate ads, SNS marketing, word of mouth marketing…
Although you’re aware of the positive effects, it’s probably all too unfamiliar and complicated! Unsure how to spend your online advertisement budget?

LECS handles external online site ads so that your advertisement expenses can be spent efficiently. We plan and execute effective ad portfolios dedicated to your brand, not only on Korea’s main portal sites such as Naver and Daum but also on various online ad channels.

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LECS Membership

Brand operated membership

It gives the brand ownership on customer database with legal responsibility.

Through managing the customer DB directly, the brand can use the data for CRM by analyzing the purchase history and more. LECS helps you to securely hold customer information, safely perform changes on the terms and conditions and extract/process member information. However, if you choose to run your own brand operated membership, intensive and continuous marketing activities will be required to gain customers and members.

Primed LECS membership

It’s a membership that allows brand marketing and advertising to reach 20 million members.

From the first day of opening an online store, 20 million members will become your potential customers. No need to worry about additional costs of Acquiring new customers or legal obligations related to customer data security. Even with LECS membership, it’s possible for the brand to request customer analysis and various marketing activities. In this case however, as LECS holds legal responsibility on membership management, Lotte Family’s membership policy need to be followed.
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