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UNIQLO’s online store manager "By operating a single online store, management responsibilities have been minimized. Despite of this, we believe that our sales are significantly higher than those brands that are selling through numerous online shopping malls.
Being a directly managed mall, operating profits of UNIQLO online store is well managed by removing middleman costs. UNIQLO directly takes care of display management and online marketing following the Global UI. Other operational functions are carried by LECS. Thanks to LECS operating most of the EC functions (LECS Membership, LECS Stock-Logis, LECS CS etc.), UNIQLO could utilize its competency on fast stabilization and sales increase. I believe this was the key to our success."

One store, one price policy
Through operating a solitary online store,
intensive customer marketing and price management is made feasible
Largest product assortment
Overcome space limitation of a store, all styles, sizes and colors available online
Selling chances maximized
with integrated inventory management
With "integrated inventory management" connecting the on and offline stores, products can always be sold online as long products are available at the LECS logistic center.
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자연,당연,무인 MUJI 공식 온라인스토어 to Muji-new window

MUJI Online Store Manager "One goal of MUJI, a global brand, is not to let customers feel the sense of difference in every MUJI store at every country. This is also the same for online. LECS has met these needs of MUJI and launched the online store in 2012. Furthermore, LECS supports MUJI on customer management, C/S management, delivery management and so on, which helps MUJI to focus on sales. Currently, MUJI Korea online site has become a role model of other countries with the increase in sales."

One store, One price policy
With one online store operation, efficient price management and focused customer marketing is possible.
Special Offer for Online Store Members
Every month, MUJI gives 10% discount coupon for mail magazine subscribers. Also, MUJI sends LMS with events information, which are online exclusive.
Brand Customized Support
LECS supports analysis of brand by suggesting and supporting on reinforcement of product competitiveness and expansion of promoting channels and so on.
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