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LECS Reporting

Reliable settlement of sales

LECS even takes care of online store’s sales settlement accurately.

Sales settlement of online stores involves matching thousands of sales, returns, refunds and cancellations of each customer, one by one.
Thousands of sales, returns, refunds and cancellations are made every month at an online store. Sales calculation involves matching all these data one by one, by each customer. LECS will support your workload that puts lots of pressure every month.

Provision of sales performance and customer analysis report

Curious on how to manage the huge amount of online store generated data like visitor report, purchase performance, orders, refunds and returned products?
LECS provides brands with essential and standardized management indexes on a regular basis.

And the results of diverse online marketing and promotional events? Immediate and assorted analysis of promotional results makes continuous growth of promotional effects possible.

Sales Performance, Customer Analysis Report image

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Prompt action against regulations
and provision of government related affairs

LECS quickly identifies and reacts to frequently changing regulations.

E-commerce related regulations are frequently being amended and newly created lately due to its rapid growth. New regulations can occasionally result in a disaster due to not being knowledgeable of it. LECS promptly checks for changes on related schemes or regulations and reflects it on the IT system as well as business processes and trains staffs. If a regulation related trouble occurs, LECS’s specialists will provide government related affairs in order to resolve the problem.

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